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Sterling TV is an IPTV service (online streaming) that has 1000+ live TV channels, 10,000+ Video on Demand including Movies and TV series.

The TV channels and VOD are updating continuously. For TV channels, we add more upon users request.For VOD, we add 200+ per week.

Please visit the page How to use for detailed instruction.

For TV channels, you can click here to visit our Channel List page.

For VOD, since we have over 10,000 movies and TV shows thus cannot list out all. You can chat with us or drop us an email, we will give you 24 hours free trial for your references.

The recommended internet speed for VOD streaming is at least 4Mbps.
While for live HD TV channels streaming, the recommended internet speed is at least 8Mbps.
You can check here to check http://www.speedtest.net/ to test your current internet speed.

Definitely No! Sterling TV does not have any country restrictions. Just download it to your android device and you can enjoy Sterling TV anytime anywhere!

The free trial doesn’t have any limitations, you can access the content as much as the subscribed version.

One concurrent device can only connect with one account at the same time. You can select a multi-device plan for over one connection.

We mainly receive payment via PayPal. For payment with a credit card, you can simply open a PayPal account and enter your credit card details into the account, then you can pay with credit card via PayPal.

We would advice the following steps which would improve your buffering/freeze situation:

(1) DON’T connect to 5G / Wifi hotspot as they are not stable;

(2) Use Ethernet connection to get best using experience;

(3) [For Firestick] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lklmu-RSfWo&feature=youtu.be

(4) If your device has been running for long time period, please power it off for 10-15 mins, for recovering of internal storage;

(5) Go to setting – decode, choose Hardware decode (for devices other than mobile phone)/ Software decode (for mobile phone) and see if which one works better on your device;

(6) To uninstall the Sterling TV app, and go to Sterling TV website for new download and installation. http://777347.cc/

This because you have used the same account to login another device(s). You have to use the same account on the same device. Or you can consider our plans for multi-devices.

Sterling TV is dedicated to providing ongoing after-sales support. Our customer support representatives are available at any time of the day. You can reach us with following ways:-

  1. By Email: sterlingtvofficial@gmail.com , we will reply to all emails within 24 hours;
  2. By online chatroom;
  3. By WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free app for iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone and Mac laptops and Windows PC. It allows you to send messages, pictures, videos and even voice recordings, as well as make voice and video calls over the internet for free.
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