1 Month for 1 Device

1 Month for 1 Device

(54 customer reviews)


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Features all included:

  1. 1,000+ Live TV Channels ( Top-Viewed, Free, America Local and American States Channels);

  2. 10,000+ Updated and Classic Movies & TV Shows;

  3. Premium Sports;

  4. Pay Per View Events;

  5. 100+ xxx contents under Parental Control;

  6. EPG Guide;

  7. Online & WhatsApp Support

  8. 10,000+ Updated and Classic Movies & TV Shows;

You will receive the Login ID and Password details via Email within 3 hours, you can also find us with an online chat function to see if we can provide it to you instantly.

54 reviews for 1 Month for 1 Device

  1. Ernest Williams Jr

    I have issues with some of the channels taking a long time to load and freezing. I have had for 3 weeks. Sports channel loaded and picture quality was very good. The last 2 weeks I couldn’t get my sports channels to load and not freeze. Is there any way so solve this. I happen to like Sterlingtv. Would love to give a 5 rating!!!

  2. Jasper

    So far so good, will consider to have yearly one after my monthly subscription.

  3. Derek

    The picture quality is excellent, even on my 75 inch Samsung TV, nice!

  4. Tracey Baize

    One of my best shopping experience, the online customer support answered all my questions instantly. It gives up a reason to give it a try. I have used other IPTV service before, they have 0 support. Keep it up!

  5. Frank

    Decided to have one month subscription first before yearly one, so far I am satisfied with the service

  6. Barbara Landry

    It would be better if the EPG guide can be more easily to use.

  7. Dennis Morgan

    Im using it with my 4K Firestick and it is working well. It makes me headache to choose whether 3 months or yearly subscription for two devices. Probably would be two yearly subscriptions.

  8. Eugene Corona

    Good value for the price. Can’t wait for the UFC

  9. Raymond Myers

    Good investment to cut the cable, on my monthly plan for two days, I guess I will subscribe to yearly plan for much better price. The only shortcoming is that you cannot close the caption.

  10. Tamara

    That’s what exactly I need

  11. Rebecca Campbell

    Just decided to stop the cable next week, to save some good money!

  12. Walter

    Flexible plans to choose, would like to try one month first

  13. Jimmie

    Rather simple installation than other iptv, just install the apps instead of lots server name information, cool

  14. Anna Bridges

    Great customer service, instant reply and super friendly, I receive my account instantly, thank you

  15. Owen

    Bought this one month service and it’s working good, will also try the PPV channels when there’s live event.

  16. Mario Hogan

    I paid for cable for over years and years, now I find the way to cut it. thank you

  17. Raymond James

    Amazing service as described, I won’t pay for the cable anymore.

  18. Daniel Morales

    Absolutely love my Sterling TV app….truly has everything I want

  19. Erin Wilkins

    Excellent service would recommend it, excellent customer service, please keep it up!!!

  20. Robin

    Thanks! All my favorite tv channels and movies are FREE!

  21. Helen Pennington

    Just bought and tested! SO FAR SO GOOD!

  22. Sharon

    It’s working great, the Live TV channels are smooth, thank you.

  23. Patrica

    I have used a lot of IPTV, many of them are bad in quality and service, this Sterling TV so far is the best I found, will keep using it and tell you guys more

  24. Tiffany Perez

    Good customer service. Detailed FAQ and how to use guide on the website, good job

  25. Claretta

    Easy to use

  26. Adeline

    WOW I can’t believe I can access all those 1100 channel in real. Maybe the best thing I bought these few years.

  27. Mabel Park

    Would subscribe to yearly service after end of this monthly account.

  28. Natalie

    I like the service very much.

  29. Linda Teitelbaum

    It is a really nice service.

  30. Randy

    I bought a year of service for my parents so that they are no longer bored.

  31. Gary Young

    After having this service, it solved a lot of expenses for me!!

  32. Ethel

    The service recommended by my friend is really awesome

  33. Philip Childs

    The video is not stuck at all

  34. Leah Rudolph

    It is cool!

  35. Edward

    Awesome service. Highly recommended. Saving thousands annually. Keep it up Sterling TV!

  36. Brandi Hubbard

    It is Ideal service.

  37. George Laughlin

    The picture quality is very clear.

  38. Lillian Fairley

    Surprisingly good

  39. Johnna T

    Will definitely make more subscriptions

  40. Francis

    Referred from a friend and SO happy I made this choice.
    Bye-bye ridiculous cable bill!

  41. James R

    Sterling TV customer service is AMAZING!!!

  42. Caroline

    Good purchase experience

  43. Karen K. Walker

    Got the account already, thanks

  44. Florence

    I was a little hesitant but decided to give it a try. The service is good, better than the cable.

  45. Marion Hayward

    The service is fabulous!!

  46. Glendora Reale

    I recommended to all my firends,because it is really good.

  47. Mary Cokley


  48. Robert

    Haven’t had any issues so far!

  49. Ashley Owens

    Great Quality, fast streaming.

  50. Glenn

    IT works well with my Nvidia Shield. After you install it, need to go to settings, click Apps,Sterling TV, click on storage used and choose internal storage. THen it works

  51. Patrick

    Happy camper here

  52. Brian Brady

    Good service , using it for a couple of days, working well, I recommended it for sure.

  53. Dianne

    Working well for the whole month already.Thank you and gonna have another subscription.

  54. Angie

    The subscription fee is a little bit higher than other IPTV service, but the quality is also better. I would choose a high quality one

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